Atlantic children’s practice


We see children from birth until teenagerhood; checking on health and development at each stage.
Since growth is the fastest during infancy and early childhood, well-baby visits are crucial.

We suggest well baby visits at:
– 6 weeks
– 4 months
– 6 months
– 9 months
– 1 year
– 18 months

We manage (including but not limited to) :
Newborn care
– Weight and feeding checks
– Maternal support
– General check ups
– Neonatal illnesses including jaundice/ rashes
– Newborn infections

• Infant feeding, failure to thrive
• Acute conditions affecting children and young people including fever, upper nd lower respiratory tract conditions, diarrhoea, rashes etc
• Chronic/complex conditions affecting children and young people – asthma, eczema, allergic conditions, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autoimmune and rheumatological diseases, musculoskeletal conditions
• Developmental and behavioural issues including ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, developmental delay and learning difficulties, digestive/feeding difficulties including constipation, sleep issues including bed wetting, over or under nutrition.
• General health checks – an educational and investigational consultation focused on patient and parent education

For those requiring multidisciplinary or subspecialty care, we provide comprehensive coordination of services