Amanda Rüsch Ferreira

Amanda is a mama and clinical dietitian who has been practicing exclusively in Paediatrics for over 10 years, seeing outpatients, and covering a variety of paediatric ICUs, neonatal ICUs and paediatric wards in Cape Town.

Amanda sees feeding in childhood as having 2 main goals: Fostering a happy, intuitive relationship with food, while ensuring appropriate nutrition for optimal growth and development. Since having her daughter in 2020, she’s loved the learning journey of balancing these 2 goals.

Amanda can help with:
Infant feeding and introduction of solids
Growth faltering and nutrient deficiencies
Picky eaters
Intuitive eating and Health At Every Size
Constipation and IBS
Neurological conditions (epilepsy, ADHD, autism etc)
Cardiac defects and other congenital disorders
Cystic fibrosis
Cerebral palsy