Atlantic children’s practice

Occupational Therapy

For children, playing is their occupation. It helps them explore the world around them and to develop essential life skills that will allow them to connect with others and do things independently one day.

The purpose of paediatric Occupational Therapy is to help all children master these skills that will allow them to investigate and navigate their environment on their own. It helps to strengthen fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual-perceptual skills as well as all other developing abilities.

Paediatric OT can be essential in all children, no matter their abilities, as it allows for early detection, and early detection leads to early intervention which provides for an optimal start to life.

Occupational therapy services include: (not  limited to)

  • Neonatal therapy – Focuses on implementing safe and neurodevelopmentally supportive care to preterm infants and neonates.
  • Maternal mental health –Megan offers services to support mothers who have experienced traumatic pregnancies, births or distress during the neonatal period (4thtrimester).
  • Parental guidance – addressing adverse toddler behaviours.
  • Parental guidance – creating a safe and engaging play space for your child which supports their development (home spaces can be visited)
  • Parental guidance – routine implementation.
  • Sensory integration – Therapy which focuses on optimisation of the processing, integration and organisation of sensory information to ensure active engagement between self and environment.
  • Developmental stimulation involving fine motor & gross motor skills development.
  • Developmental stimulation involving social, emotional and overall cognitive development.
  • Visual Perceptual skills – necessary for reading, writing and overall success in scholastic activities